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10 Unique festive gifts you want to gift on any occasion

Your choice of festive gifts could transforms world’s most vulnerable women into a guardian angel and vice versa. We mean the sweetest and the most angelic woman could turn into a vampire if she fails to receive a thoughtful gift. So “look before you leap” is the only axiom I can think of for you to gift your near and dear ones.

Festival time is just around the corner and you are fox-hunting for some unique festive gifts. You don’t want to drill a hole in your pocket but also want to gift something that looks sumptuous and prodigal. Why not make use of those thousands of cells in your brain by thinking about a good gift that will change the outlook of a person towards you because your gift personifies who you are and how you treat the person you are gifting. It completely delineates your bond with that person. Morgan Matson says, “You can do something extraordinary, and something that a lot of people can’t do. And if you have the opportunity to work on your gifts, it seems like a crime not to. I mean, it’s just weakness to quit because something becomes too hard”. So let’s help you with your gifting dilemmas. We bring you 10 unique festive gifts you want to present on any festive occasion:

  1. Decorative bouquet of chocolates:Chocolates are everybody’s favouesearite and is the safest alternative to gift on any occasion. Gift an attractive bouquet of chocolates to your people and see the twinkle in their eyes.
Mark an impression with a bouquet of chocolates

Mark an impression with a bouquet of chocolates

2. Basket of RajBhog sweets: Since Gujaratis have a sweet tooth, why not gift them a basket of RajBhog sweets? Choose different flavours of Rajbhog sweet like kesar or rose petals or dry fruits. Seal the cans air tight and place them in a decorative basket. Let your people have a sweet zest to their taste buds.

3. Box of dry fruits coupled with unique gifts:Dry fruits can be low-cost and expensive too. Gifting just dry fruits is quite typical but merging it with fancy chocolates or different types of sauces, green tea packets, pastas or juice cans can be a unique gift. Put all these down in a decorative basket and gift it your near and dear ones to please them.

4. Lamps and lanterns:It is a noble thought to lighten someone’s house. So why not gift exquisitely decorated lamps and lanterns. Let your near and dear ones show it off to friends by placing them in some corner of their room or even their sitting area. Observe its magical effect after gifting it to your people from city of lights, Surat.

  1. Enlighten houses by gifting them beautiful lanterns and lamps

    Enlighten houses by gifting them beautiful lanterns and lamps

    5. Fancy cutlery: Style your gift with fancy cutlery to add a glamour-quotient to it. Be it a set of expensive knives and forks or tableware or just coffee mugs or wine glasses, cherry-pick the most unique design for your guests. You could couple coffee mugs with green tea boxes or special tea sashes or tableware with table mats for a unique look. See how your folks get impressed.

    6. Bejewelled clutches:Enchant all the ladies in the house by gifting them a bejewelled clutch. Pick up stone-embedded clutches from a store and gift it on occasions or any festival. See how lovingly she welcomes you home after this occasion. Like diamonds, fancy purses or clutch are ladies best friends too.

  2. Impress your ladies with oh-wow-fancy-clutch

    Impress your ladies with oh-wow-fancy-clutch

    7. Stone-embedded larger-than-life photo frames:Let there be a moment to cherish for life. Gift your near and dear ones with embellished stones on the photo frame to add an appealing-effect to it.

8. Festive Cushions: To enrich someone’s living space, gift them with festive cushions for their sofa sets. Decorating your living area with such festive cushions marks a style statement for your house. So why not whelcome your guests at home with such fancy cushions on display.

Add a glamour quotient to your house by decorating it with fancy cushions

Add a glamour quotient to your house by decorating it with fancy cushions

9 Basket full of lip-smacking cupcakes:I’m sure to pounce on such a gift. Cupcakes can be gulped in a second. People often gift sweets on the auspicious occasions, but now people have become sentient about their health. So why not replace cupcakes with monotonous mithai, which even looks sophisticated as a gift.

10. Fengshui gifts:Most of us are superstitious about our house. This is a gift uniquely for your near and dear ones who believe sightlessly in vastu or fengshui. These gifts can be a laughing Buddha, tortoise, fengshui good luck plant, golden coins or statute of elephants, snakes or frogs. Gift wrap it in a unique fashion and see a pleasing smile on your people.

Be unique this season by gifting fengshui

Be unique this season by gifting fengshui

Festive gifts can be of eclectic range but to make it a unique one, you have to crack your brains to the limit you had never imagined. Gifts should be beneficial, even if it is a show piece, like the fengshui. So let’s grab all the above notions and shower your near and dear ones with unique gifts. Circumvent your “I don’t” and keep saying “I do” when it comes to unique gifting. Distribute unique festive gifts and as they say “majja maa raho”

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