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4 Easy steps to be the Garba-Raas queen

The Garba dance is form of dance that concentrates on foot work, circular moment coupled with hand gestures. It is a traditional folk dance of Gujarat and is connected with the Krishna’s Raas Leela. Interestingly, the original version of Garba only included men, who would dance in a circular formation. Now, both sexes participate. Both men and women dressed to the nines gyrate their bodies on rhythmic moments to the sound of the dholki and taal of the music playing in the background.

Aavjo ramvane... Garbe jhoomva ne

Aavjo ramvane…
Garbe jhoomva ne

Dance lovers also love playing the Dandiya Raas. This is another beautiful dance from from Gujarat, very popular among the youngsters of Surat. Dandiyas can be played in both solo or as a group with a different partner to tap once feet to and bang ones sticks with.

But what if you are one of those who develop two left feet even when someone even slightly mentions the term dance and even worse ‘the garba.’

Cheer up folks, we help you to get the garba right in just 4 easy steps so that nothing should hold you back from making the right moves.

Step 1:

Enter in with confidence and put your best foot forward. Begin with your right foot and keep moving in a circular pattern with your group. Begin with the pick-up and leave steps (imagine kicking a ball gently) going from left to right four times. Remember footwork holds a lot of importance. You might wonder what would you do with your hands….then remember to clap when you move your foot.

And we twist..we twist

And we twist..we twist


Step 2:

Dholida… dholida….dholida… the music has caught pace and you can no longer do away by simply going left or right. Brace yourselves and tune your body to the beat of the music. Hop by jumping on your right leg and clap over your left shoulder. Start on the inside first, straighten and then do the same step outside the circle.

Hop and jump and play the Dandiya

Hop and jump and play the Dandiya

Step 3:

The peacock step is an easy bet for the beginners. The trick is to bend forward like a peacock. Another favourite among Surat folks which is

Dholida dhol re vagad  maare heench levi che

Dholida dhol re vagad
maare heench levi che

quite easy to learn is called the Heench. Heench means rhythmically raising both the hands folding ones palms with only the thumbs popping out and pointing towards one shoulder. Other tricks include changing ones hand moment and gestures with those of the group. If you have picked up the basic footwork the rest is a cakewalk.

Step 4:

It’s time to pick-up the props now. Dandiyas are sticks with a little bell tied at end of it. These are an eternal favourite during the  Navaratri. Beat your blues with these Dandiya sticks. These are struck together during the dance with one’s partner.

Now this is really easy. Start from the right, strike the dandiyas with your partner, first with the left hand. Move to the next partner, moving first counter clockwise and then clockwise.

These days Garba and Dandiyas are all about Fusion, folks love swinging the night away on Bollywood dance moves. Malaika Arora-Khan’s Aayore Maaro DholnaAishwarya Rai Bacchan and Salman Khan’s Dhol Baaje and now Deepika Padukone’s Nagada Sang Dhol Baaje are still a favourite amongst youngsters and you too can too pick up some really cool moves from these svelte actresses.

Striking the cord with the dandiyas

Striking the cord with the dandiyas


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