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5 Home made conditioners to fight damaged hair this winter

Winter is the season which is loved by everyone one. There are no complaints such as much sweating or sun strokes or greasy scalp and so on. The nights in winters are long enough to indulge in our most loved beauty sleep. But everything is accompanied with some or the other disadvantages. In winters normally there complaints about having dry skin, rough lips, dull and dry hair. You too might have experienced the horrible feeling of living in a stretchy skin with rough and unmanageable hair …especially when you are all geared up to attend a party or wedding event. You are all set in your glamorous outfit to steal the show but your dry-patchy skin makes your face look flaky and pale. Your hair too refuse to comply and totally unmanageable.

home made conditioners

Is rough hair havocking your image?

The hair  in winter look extremely dry and dull, flyaway, branching out into what seems like a million split ends. During this season, hair tends to get much much frizzy and lustreless. Since the scalp becomes dry it also leads to dandruff and other hair problems. But shove aside all your worries and we bring you some awesome tips which will put life back to your tresses without actually having to spend much. Here are some home made conditioners you could use this season which would get glory back to your hair. Try out these awesome home-made hair packs which can be easily prepared without spending much from our pockets.

1. Egg yolk and Olive oil mask: Egg yolks are a mainly been used as a natural remedy for hair treatment since many decades. Egg yolk is considered to be far effective,a natural and cheaper commodity as compared to commercial hair serum. Olive oil is one of the best oil for deep conditioning.

Ingredients for hair pack: Egg and olive oil.

Method: Whisk an egg with a tablespoon of olive oil. Blend all ingredients and apply thoroughly to dry hair. Now wear a plastic cap or shower cap and use a blow drier on low heat for ten minutes. Rinse hair with cold water and shampoo.

Olive Oil and Eggs are a wonder combination

Olive Oil and Eggs are a wonder combination

2. Olive oil and honey pack: Both these work as great deep conditioners. Honey is an amazing ingredient for adding moisture for the hair. Olive oil is the best oil as it penetrates the hair shaft it is also a great choice for conditioning.

Ingredients: Olive oil and honey.

Method: Mix 1/4 cup of honey and 1/4 cup of olive oil. Mix both the ingredients well and apply on the hair. Leave it for about 10 minutes and rinse with the shampoo.


Olive Oil an honey are wonderful conditioners

3. Coconut oil +egg mask: Coconut oil is one oil will leave your hair looking healthy, shiny and very soft. The egg adds value because it works great for strengthening to the hair.

Ingredients: Coconut oil and egg

Method: Melt 1/2 cup of coconut oil in pan on the stove-top until it is liquefied.Next add eggs to it.Mix both together well. Apply the mask and cover with a shower cap.Heat for about 20 minutes and then rinse out the mixture.

4. Banana, coconut milk, coconut oil and honey pack: Banana are rich in potassium that plays an important role for strengthening hair.It minimizes breakage by restoring ones hair’s natural elasticity and facilitates repair of damaged hair.In addition,the fruit is packed with vitamin A, B6, C and E as well as zinc and iron.

Ingredients:Banana,coconut milk, coconut oil and honey

Method: Cut the banana into pieces. Add two tablespoon of coconut milk. Then add one tablespoon of coconut oil.Mix 2 tablespoon of honey.And blend the mixture until it is smooth. Apply it to the hair. Leave it for about ten minutes and after then rinse it off


Bananas will lend the zing factor to hair

5.Olive oil mask: It is one of the easy and effective hair mask that is used to solve the hair problem. This oil also has moisturising properties that can eradicate the problem of dullness and dryness in hair.

Method: Heat oil for 2 minutes.Add lavender oil to make mask more rich. Apply this oil starting from root till the tip. Leave this mask over night and rinse it in the morning.

olive oil

Olive Oil

Use these tips to get a beautiful and healthy mane and lovely lustrous and shiny hair and fight the demons of winter.

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