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Bakeries in Surat: A Surti’s Chai is incomplete without these Bakery Products

Most of us are aware that  people of Surat  are fondly addressed as Surti Lala.The word Lala can be defined as person who believe in living each and every moment of his life to the fullest. They believe in the statement ‘Aaj main Jeelo… Kal kisne dekha hai?” (Live in the now, who knows what tomorrow holds) This happy-go-lucky statement perfectly suits people of Surat. Whether it may be spending lavishly on their vacations or be it their love for food, Surtis are always on the forefront. They are foodholic  people. They drool over Ghari (a famous sweet of Surat),Surti Locho (which again is only found in Surat}, Gathiya or  any other delicacy. They always carry a lot of snacks along with them when they go out for a holiday, especially abroad, as they are vegetarians and this includes some yummy bakery products. Items like Khari, Farmasu, toast and other products make their breakfast a completele experience. Bakery products are truly becoming more prominent day by day in the lives of Surtis. For a lot of Surtis, bakery products are indispensable with their evening tea.As  they  enhance the taste of their  evening tea. Looking at the demand for a variety of products, bakeries in Surat have come up with different specialities.

Here are few unique varieties of five well known bakeries of Surat.
A)  Umrao Bakery
This bakery is well known for its Cakes and Pastries but you  should  be definitely try out  these items which are introduced according to the needs and likings of the Surti people.
This is something that almost all people of Surat love having. Khaja is  normally eaten  by Surtis in the rainy season but here is a good news that Umrao bakery makes these Khajas into a new form known as  khaja khari  which is  produced  24*7 . For alorie conscious Surtis, the good news is that these products are baked and not fried. It is very crispy and has a spicy taste.If you love khajas, you will definitely love this. These Khajas can be stored for a longer period of time.
Bakeries in Surat

Surti Khajas make a yummy snack

2. Garlic Butter Toast:
Now a days the demand for garlic bread is increasing and it gives the same taste you get when you actually it it on a piece of toast. Umrao bakery has made  garlic butter toast which is indeed very crunchy and gives you the real taste of garlic and butter on the toast. This is a favourite snack which Surtis pack in their travel bags. The toast looks very enticing. No wonder people say that a person first eats through their eyes and I am sure  once you try you will ask for more. These toasts can be utilized within 15-20 days.
garlic toast

Utterly butterly garlic toast

Umrao’s bakery, Athwalines
B) Dotivala bakery:
This is one of the most famous and most ancient bakeries of  Surat. This bakery is well-known for its Farmasu biscuits and Nankhatias. But Dotivala Bakery prepares a unique product called Khara Khari which no other bakery makes.It’s only available in Dotivala.
Khara Kari: Khara Khari is a kind of biscuit which you get only in this bakery.It is biscuit is prepared in the the shape of the figure eight. It is sweet and salty in taste and has a lovely flavour of cardamom. If you have special guests visiting you for a cup of tea, believe me,they will love this.


Unique biscuit containing figure of 8

2. Jam puffs: If you are a lover of jams, then this one is for you. Bite into the puff and you will find the jam will simply melt in yur mouth.It can be a good choice if you want to pack it your kids box. Kids will end up asking asking for more.

Mouth watering jam puffs

Dotivala Bakery
Near makkai Bridge,
Near Nanpura.
C}  SANABIL BAKERY:     Sanabil bakery Surat Navsari state highway unn
Sanabil is an Arabic name which means stalk of wheat. All the products are made from wheat flour basically. This bakery is best known for its cup cakes. They are very soft and super yummy. The cup cakes have very amazing flavours that leave you wanting for more.


D} Mazda bakery :  Mazda bakery is from one of the oldest bakery which today is also well known for its parwadi bisciuts and farmasu biscuits the biscuits are very well baked and really fresh.People highly demand for their biscuits.People even give these products to their guests instead of giving them sweets to take away.  It has a strong  taste of ghee in it.which makes it really very yummy.Normally these bisciuts are eaten along with the tea . If its parwadi or Farmasu then it has to be from Mazda bakery. A person who tries these biscuits once will never forget its taste.

Crispy khari biscuit

Mazda bakery
Shahpore Chowk Bazar road Surat
An ocassion is just incomplete without cakes and pastries of Home Breads.The Blackforest pastry is just too yummy. The cakes here are just too good. They are really fresh in taste as their taste can be felt in each and every bite you eat.They are very soft. Home breads are very famous for its cakes and pastries.They even have very fresh breads.

Silk soft pastries

Home breads bakery.
Shiv Sumruti complex Ghoddod road

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