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5 ways to classify women the Surat style

Surat Girls

Men have peculiar characteristics (duh!) yes but all men across the world, from different backgrounds, religions. Cultures indulge in one very peculiar, yet obvious trait, classifying women. You’ve heard the regular, run-of-the-mill ones without any imagination, like hot, stacked, high-maintenance, ...

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Masterpiece Rangoli by Shraddha Jariwala

Shraddha With her creation

Last week we all celebrated the most awaited and everyone’s favourite festival Diwali. Diwali is one such festival wherein not only women get to show their culinary skills but also they get a chance to show off their artistic skills ...

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Cap please-Bollywood in caps

Style Bhai Salman Khan in wanted

If you think Aapdo Gujarati bhai ‘Himesh Reshamiya’ is the only one who has a cap glued to his head forever… its time for a reality check. The entire Bollywood, actors and actresses has been caught in a cap frenzy. We caught these ...

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10 Things that rocked Navratri 2014


Navratri 2014 was one of the most awaited festivals in India. People from everywhere celebrate this festival with joy and enthusiasm, Navratri’s a beautiful time of the year where the festivities and colours engulf you, especially when you’re living in a ...

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Simple tips while draping a Sari

Priyanka Chopra sets the amp on fire with this perfectly draped sari

Sari, the traditional Indian attire when draped correctly can make any woman look elegant, beautiful and sexy. But like any other attire, some women do the common faux pas while draping the 5/6/7/9-yard. 1 mistake and the whole effort and ...

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