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5 ways to classify women the Surat style

Surat Girls

Men have peculiar characteristics (duh!) yes but all men across the world, from different backgrounds, religions. Cultures indulge in one very peculiar, yet obvious trait, classifying women. You’ve heard the regular, run-of-the-mill ones without any imagination, like hot, stacked, high-maintenance, ...

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Surat a Microsoft ‘Smart City’

Microsoft office

Surat a Microsoft ‘Smart City‘? Wondering what we mean? Well, our ‘Smart City’ Surat, is in news news yet again and this time the leap is big. Microsoft takes the  first step to make Surat a ‘Smart City’. Microsoft will soon set up ...

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Top 5 lounges in Surat

Lounges are a great way to unwind

Surat is one of the best cities to live in India. This city has its own style and class and  not to mention yummy-luscious food as well. If you want spend your weekend unwinding and de-stressing yourselves and tantalize your taste buds ...

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Top 5 Entertainment Parks in Surat

A place for fun-o-holics

Surat the biggest Diamond hub and textile trade in India is always an entertainment craved city. But in the current scenario, the dream of having the world’s class entertainment and amusement city of enterprise seems to be coming true. Yes, ...

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