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Masterpiece Rangoli by Shraddha Jariwala

Last week we all celebrated the most awaited and everyone’s favourite festival Diwali. Diwali is one such festival wherein not only women get to show their culinary skills but also they get a chance to show off their artistic skills through Rangolis.

Traditional Rangoli

Traditional Rangoli

During this festival, Rangolis of various shapes and sizes, various hues and colours adorn people’s doorstep. Women and now-a-days men too participate and show their artistic side by drawing Rangolis. A good Rangoli design is a sign of good luck. Any festival is incomplete without a simple or intricate Rangoli design.

Often people see their favorite celebrities either in television or movies or as their wax statues in Madame Tussaud’s. Some artists encase them in canvas through their paintings. But in recent trend some artistic people try their hand at drawing celebrities through Rangoli.

Drawing a Rangoli itself is a task. And if it’s a freehand Rangoli involving human sketches then it’s a huge task. But not for Rangoli artists in Surat, who on Sunday 26th Oct, gathered at Science Centre to show their artistic and creative side to all people in Surat.

This event was organized by Drashthikon – Surat Photography Association (SPA). This association is created to collect the photography enthusiastic & likeminded photography lovers from the city, which can learn & share the art of photography in modest possible manner through their experience in this field. Some of the members of this group created some mind blowing, scintillating Rangolis. One of members, Niren Mehta captured all these Rangolis through his lens.

Rangoli or Art ?

Rangoli or Art ?

One of the Rangoli was of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a still from the song ‘Barso re Megha’ from her movie “Guru”. This masterpiece Rangoli by Shraddha Jariwala, a Surat Girl is an epitome of talent and creativity. She is also the member of Drashthikon – Surat Photography Association. It took 6 days of hard work and patience to complete this 1 masterpiece of art which looked not like a Rangoli but a painting on canvas. Hats off to Shraddha for her patience, her creativity and talent, and also to Drashthikon – Surat Photography Association for showcasing such talents through their association.

Shraddha With her creation

Shraddha With her creation

We, Page3 team wish Shraddha Jariwala all the very best for her future and wish to see many more masterpiece creations of hers.

Another creation of Sharddha's

Another creation of Sharddha’s

P.S: It is Aishwarya Rai Bacchan’s Birthday tomorrow and we wish her a very very happy and a joyful Birthday.

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