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Mumbai-Surat tunnel road project proposed by Nitin Gadkari

Keeping in mind the development criteria of our Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi, our union transport minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari wants to build an underground tunnel road which would easily connect the two commercial hubs that is Mumbai and Surat. He expressed his views while having a chat at a silver function of the Indian Institute of bridge engineer on December 14  which was held in Navi Mumbai.


The transport minister in his speech said. “I wanted to build an express way between Mumbai and Surat when I was a public works department minister in the state. But unfortunately it did not materialize.Now,i want to explore the idea of building a tunnel to join the 2 cities by an underground express way”. He added by saying that this major project would approximately cost about 90,000 crores for which a consultant will be shortly working over it. According to Mr. Gadkari the department would save 30,000 crores if the factory for making{pre-cast and other}material required for this concern project were to be set up in Alibaug.After which the material would then be transported by sea to its construction sites.

The aim motivate for constructing the tunnel express way between the two cities would result in quicker transportation of goods between the ports. This would lead to saving ample of time which is very precious in today’s world. Secondly it would importantly save money and thirdly which is most important that is saving the manpower required. The express tunnel will considered as a faster alternative route as compared to rail or road means of transport.The tunnel will be a faster option for the existing four lane national highway eight which covers a distance of about 277 kms between the two cities.

Earlier,Mr.Gadkari had also announced three satellite dry ports,that is Surat in Gujarat, Wardha and Aurangabad in Maharashtra in which the Jawarharlal Nehru port trust (JNPT) would invest. Such kind of project is expected to reduce congestion at the ports. The dry ports will feed JNPT, Navi Mumbai with cargoes from sea and rail routes. After which then the cargoes from Aurangabad and Wardha dry port will be sent to JNPT for their further exports with the support of rail network. While goods from Surat port will be sent to JNPT through small ships.

Highlights of the proposed project:

1.It would be a quicker means of transport.

2.A dry port to come up in Surat which would be connected by waterways with JNPT.

3.A tunnel will avoid the traffic snarls on the busy roads.


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