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This is how Rs. 3000 crore Surat Railway Station will look like [Video]

Few days back Page 3 Surat informed you about railways taking 1st step to give Surat railway station a facelift. Well the dream that the railway officials dreamt of is finally going to take off soon. A team lead by Surat Mayor Niranjan Zanzmera had visited Delhi to make a presentation on the proposal for revamping of existing railway station before Indian Railway Station Development Corporation Limited, last week.

Surat Railway station

Present Structure of Surat Railway station

The Design is proposed by city architect Sanjay Joshi, who showcased a model of the design proposed by him. Initially Sanjay Joshi was going to make the presentation, but due to some other engagement he couldn’t make it. So the team of Surat presented the proposal in front of top officials of the railway ministry and Government of India.

Mayor of Surat states that “The City wants its railway station to match its economic status. Railway station offers a 1st glimpse of city to the people who arrive to the city and therefore the station should be clean, beautiful and hygienic.”

In the press conference today, city leaders said that after showcasing the proposed model to the railway and government officials, they were requested to leave back the model in Delhi. They also said that Surat railway station will be the 1st one of this kind to have more facilities than any airport. It will be developed under Public Private Partnership (PPP) model for 1st time in India.


State of the art infrastructure

Now since city leaders have received a green signal from the Government, tenders have been invited for appointment of consultants for the reconstruction project. Since Prime Minister’s Office is taking special interest in this reconstruction project, they have decided to set a deadline for it completion. They have stated that if the project starts on time then it will be completed with a time span of four years.


Surat /railways to receive a facelift

According to Municipal Commissioner Milind Torvane, Surat Railway station witness approximate 2 lakh footfalls daily. It is 1 of the most biggest and congested railway station where nearly 8000 passengers move on hourly basis. Once the new railway station gets ready, it will be able to accommodate nearly 8 lakh passenger’s movements daily.


Surat Railways undergoing a change

As per the presentation, the total area of project will be 2.27 lakh sq. meter. Total cost will be approximately around Rs. 2,500 – 3,000 crore. If started on time, the project may complete by year 2019.A special purpose vehicle committee will be formed. It will include members of Railway board, SMC and state government. 1 lakh sq. meter area will be occupied by solar panel for electricity generation. SMC will offer 4 FSI to project. Entire area of railway station will be covered and therefore there shall be no chance of unauthorized person entering inside the complex. The entry will be permitted only through RFID token. The project is capable to earn 100% profit once ready, as per an estimate.


On the way for a facelift

According to the design proposed by architect Sanjay Joshi, each platform will be 600 running meter in length instead of present 300 meter. Since there will be four 60-storyed towers and over 1 crore sq. feet construction through FSI 4, the cost of construction can be recovered by selling or renting spaces to shops and offices since the estimated cost of this project is around Rs. 3,000 crores.


Surat Railway will have better platforms

Some of the features of the revamped railway station will have are, food plaza, multiplex and malls, direct access to platform after alighting from your vehicles, bus service connected to ground floor of the railway station, modern waiting lodge, and mainly entry will be restricted only to valid ticket holders.

The land to be acquired for this project belongs to railway department, state transport and Municipal Corporation. The Centre has asked to report the railway ministry about the projects development once in a fortnight.

The city and its residents can’t wait to see the revamped look of the railway station which will be one of its kinds and also the 1st in our country.

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