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Saputara: Beyond a Hill-Station

If you ask to the people of Surat where would they like to spend a long weekend or a mini-vaccation, they will unanimously exclaim…. Saputara. This beautiful and serene hill-station is close to Surat and hence it is a hot-favourite among the people living here. Saputara literally means the’abode of serpents’. The ghats of Saputara are literally as in the shape of snake. From here to get to see the beauty of the nature which is really a awesome scenario. This picturesque hills is perched on a plateau in Dang forest area of the Sahyadri range at an altitude of about 1000 metres. Here on the banks of river Sarpagana an image of snake is found which is worshipped by Adivasis on the festival of Holi. This hill station is normally visited by tourist during vacations as well as on festivals like Holi and Uttaran (kite flying). Saputara is about at a distance of only 172 km from Surat and about 250 km from Mumbai.


Nature at its best at Saputara

The hill resort of Saputara promises to refresh the tourist with its cool weather.Saputara does not experience any extreme temperature variations.And its an ideal gateway for the sun scorched souls of the plain.But ofcourse our most loved monsoon rains adds magic to the weather of Saputara.The best time to visit this hill station is from mid of March to the mid of November.This is the one and only one hill station in Gujarat.

This awesome place is not merely a hill station but its beyond it.It offers various adventurous activities like rock climbing,paragliding,boat club and much more. Saputara has been developed as a planned hill resort with all necessary amenities like hotels,gardens, rope-ways, museum and much much more.It aims to ensure that the tourist have a enjoyable holiday in the cool of the hill.


Experience the thrill of paragliding

Every year the Gujarat tourism brings home this ultimate adventure by organizing paragliding event in Saputara. The events have been religiously happening in the hills since 2011. This is one of the major attraction of this place. Paragliding has been the latest attraction of Saputara as the state government organizes paragliding festivals and competition with certified trainers brought in from various countries. This wonderful festival started on December 20 and will go on till January 15. Tourists flock to Saputara to enjoy the windy air and clean environment which is different from city life. The visitors enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna. Gujarat tourism department quoted that this time around the hill station will be lit up on new year’s eve as thousands of tourist are expected to arrive here for paragliding festival.

The department has invited around 12 experts paragliders from Himachal Pradesh. Most of the days are booked by adventure freaks from near by places like Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad. Paragliding event at Saputara garners a resounding success in the sunny winter sun ensuring enjoyable weather conditions. One can look forward to exciting flight experience over the lush green Dang hills, landscape, water-bodies and other picturesque locations that looks like a speck.


The rope-way ride is an awesome experience

Apart from this there are other attractions for the tourist.The adivasis perform their cultural dance and entertain them on daily basis. Rope-way is another activity loved by the visitors. Its thrilling when you travel in a rope-way for ten minutes span of time. You can enjoy the rope-way throughout the year. If you are to visit here this should be definitely tried out. From the ropeway top you can see the entire valley and the sun setting beyond the forest.


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