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Surat cycles its way to fitness, thanks to Yogesh Patel, Vinay Kuperkar and Jignesh Modi’s Life Green Cycling Association

There is no doubt that people of Surat are more concerned about their work but fitness is also of great priority to them is something which not many people know. That’s the reason why the number of gyms are multiplying in Surat. Apart from doing their routine workouts like cardio, aerobic exercises and weightlifting, the Surtis have  now switched to a new fitness mantra. The people of Surat have chosen cycling as the most trendy way of keeping themselves fit. More and more Surtis are finding cycling the easiest way of exercising. Cycling can be considered as a mantra to be fit and healthy with lots of fun.

Cycling to a certain extent brings you closer to the child within yourself. It actually brings the feeling of freedom and independence within a person.It allows you to become a child once again who is full of innocence and joyful. Remember when as kids we cycled around the lanes of our societies, we used to get totally de-stressed. Multiple studies have proved that cycling on a regular basis not only aids weight loss but also helps to be stress free.

To adopt this relaxing and refreshing exercise a club named ‘Life Green Cycling Association’ was launched. This club was established by three friends he 3 founders are namely Yogesh Patel, Vinay Kuperkar and Jignesh Modi formed this group after a very tough but an exciting cycling expedition in July 2010 from LEH to KARGIL covering over 500 kms in 9 days through numerous challenging mountain passes with temperatures going down to 2 degrees centigrade. they waded theor way through difficult rods and a tough terrain.

Cycling club

One of the founders : Vinay Kuperkar

All three of them after chasing their passion of cycling through thousands of kilometres in the last two years felt that the idea should be given an eloquent platform to make it beneficial should be passed to the people of their city. That was the major reason behind the establishment of the club. The club was initiated in the year 2010 with, the aim of  propagating a healthy lifestyle amongst the people of Surat and youngsters in general thought. They have a prepared a slogan which says “To Pedal today for a better tomorrow, a greener tomorrow.” The slogan very well signifies that through cycling we not only stay fit but also can observe the beauty of the nature. The nature will never loose its beauty if its pollution free.And cycling exercise will definitely help to stay fit.

Life green club is open to all irrespective of their age and gender. This club organised its first event on October three 2010. The event composed of about 40 participants. It included toddlers and senior citizens who very enthusiastically took part in it. The cycle race started from SVNIT to Dumas which is about 30 km run within the city .The scenario was no less than a marathon where people were present to cheer the cyclist.

The club organizes events almost on Sundays where people in huge strength can be a part of the event. You will find the members of the club on Sunday mornings ready with their bicycles geared up and their helmets on and ready in their sporty look. On Sundays special long distance rides at various places around the city are organised ranging from 50 km to 200 km. During monsoon they frequently ride their cycle to near by places of Surat which includes Daang which is a tracking place near Surat and Saputara a hill station near Surat. Once in a year the club plans long trips like a 600 km route from Manali to Leh or Leh to Srinagar. These trips take place during monsoon months.


Cyclists enjoy thrilling rides

The club organized CPL (cycle première league) in which  people of all ages varying from 8 years to 72 years participated.The club also organizes various workshops in which they educate people regarding what precautions they should take while riding or before starting it. Last year on Christmas they organized a cycling event in the evening which was really remarkable.People enjoyed their Christmas eve by riding their cycles.

 A member of the club to encourage cycle fitness quit his day job as an IT professional and opened up a bike shop only to encourage people to commute bi cycle.His idea behind starting a bike shop wasn’t selling cycles but selling the idea to cycle and to stay fit .As cycling is one kind of exercise which can be done without inputting much efforts

To highlight the importance of cycling various workshops are conducted.People are educated regarding the benefits of cycling.The right way to ride a cycle,essential things to be kept in mind while cycling to directed to them.Well more and more Surat people are joining in this new form of fitness.It can be considered that ,it is a form of exercise which can be done with lots of stamina and fun. No wonder Yogesh Patel, Vinay Kuperkar and Jignesh Modi’s Life Green Cycling Association in Surat is every cycling enthusiast heaven.

Life Green Cycling Associatio

Cycling enthusiasts on an expediton

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