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Top 5 hangouts of Surat for Youngsters

If  the people of Surat were to be described for their happy-go-lucky nature, then this word in Hindi would fit them perfectly. Surtis are totally ‘MAST MAWLA’ .  This colloquial term from our national language is a perfect synonym to define  joyful nature.  They believe in living today and are not bothered about what tomorrow holds. Whether it is in context to their business or about planning a relaxing vacation, Surtis live life like kings. If  you have lived in Surat at some point of your lives, you would know what the statement ” Khavanu , Farvanu Ane Jalsa Karvanu” (Eat, travel and have fun). The term Khawanu refers to their undying love  for food. They are ready to pay any amount for satisfying their taste buds. The word Farvanu refers to their love for vacations or enjoying their weekends. While the word Jalsa translates into ‘fun and frolic’. No wonder they believe in enjoying life to the fullest.

Though Surat does not have many places to hangout apart from Malls and Theatres, but youngsters in the city have soem amazing places in this busy and commercial city and made it their hotspots. After a long day at college or work, they unwind by freaking out with their besties.

Here are the top 5 hangouts of Surat where youngsters freak out with their pals :

1. Dumas: Dumas is a very popular spot in Surat amongst the youngsters. This place is more preferred by the teenagers in the morning specially when they are bored of  attending  their  lectures .  Dumas beach is very  famous  for  its  black sand .  It is  at  a  distance of  about ten minutes to fifteen minutes  away from the city . These youngsters drive on their two – wheeler as its fun. The climate there is very breezy  in the morning. This beach provides thrilling  activities such as camel riding and horse riding. Other activities such as Paragliding is also done here on weekends. Surprisingly you get to see these youths even celebrating  their birthdays with their friends here. Any Surti event or get to gather is incomplete without yummy and mouth watering eatables . Snacks like PAKODAS are very popular and one does not have to spend much. Interestingly, Pakoda parties are  given in the form of birthday treats as it  is really very economical in its rates. It can be considered as a complete package for them where in they can enjoy a whole lot of  activities along with their tummy filled up. Its a jugal bandhi of hot Pakoda along with cool breeze from the beach and its worth spending time here.



2. Tanki :

Tanki  actually means water tank . It is a well known hang out spot of the teenagers. The main reason behind it is that they find peace of mind at this place which is really important for their today’s stressed out life .It is the prefect place where they think only about themselves. Apart from their career and studies they think about the things they could  have done or things they want to achieve in life. Tanki is situated at river front where there is a clear view of a place called Hazira (which is a  industrial place in Surat). Normally you will find the place crowded with all teens around. It has a wonderful view of sunset which attracts more crowd towards this place.


Sunset at Tanki Captures the beauty of nature

3. Nescafe:

As a famous tagline goes, “A LOT CAN  HAPPEN OVER COFFEE “.  Here’s the place where you will find the latest and trendy clothes and hairstyles. You can say that its a place mainly for teens as only youths are seen hanging out here in the evening. It is said that if you visit this place once you will definitely visit it regularly and you will also be one of their well known faces soon. A sip of coffee accompanies a lot of gossips.



4. ONGC Bridge:

ONGC bridge is a kind of bridge where often love birds are found during the evening timings. From here you get a beautiful view which consists of the reflection of fire flames in the water underneath the bridge . Its indeed perfect for a romantic date. I am sure this is the first choice for the teens when they go for a date wherein they do not have to spend much from their pockets for place and can invest more on giving  gifts.


A View worth spending time on

5.  Station : Station is the only place where they can freak till two at night. They have several options near station where they normally freak for late night munches. They normally sit out there and have long chit chats which is obviously never ending . It can be considered as safe place for them so they are always here at late nights. Its almost crowed with people out there.


A popular juice centre near the Station

Check out these Top 5 hangouts of Surat in case you still haven’t.

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