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Top 5 Places to Shop in Surat – Shopping in surat

On your trip to the bazaars in Surat, you are likely to be bitten by the shopping bug, but then that is hardly any surprise given that the city boasts of an amazing array of shopping stuff including colorful ghagra-cholis, exquisite hand-looms, dainty zaris, sparkling diamonds and lots more. Surat is highly famed for its textiles, woodcraft’s, silverware, diamonds, and gems, opening a string of options for the shoppers. In the ancient times, it was an important port with dynamic TRADE activities. The age old mercantile and trade still exists in the city. With the ebb of time, the city has progressed and become highly commercialized. Thus, terming it as a shopper’s paradise.It is said that one out of every five sarees is manufactured in Surat. The Zari work of the city is famous in the entire country. There are numerous shops in Surat, which specialize in the Zari work using silver and gold threads. These sarees are a must buy item for every woman’s wardrobe. Apart from this, youwill also find sarees adorned with works of kinari and salma. Page3Surat brings to you Top 5 Places to Shop in Surat. So rush grab your Shopping Boots & Shop Till You Drop!

Shopping in surat

The Famous Dumas Square near VR Mall

1. Dumas Road for the Mall Freaks: The entire Surat is out on (especially Dumas Road) on Sunday Evenings. Amazing to see people spreading bed sheets by the roadside to enjoy the evening with Lari Food adding spice. Dumas Road is a good option if you like malls. It includes the likes of VR Mall, RahulRaj Mall, the biggest in Surat (and strictly veg!), and Iscon Mall. Dumas Square brings the spirit and vibrancy of the Dumas Road. This is the hottest hotspot in town. Coffee, ice cream, art, conversation, friends and a whole lot of masti! This is where all the magic happens.

Shopping in surat

Sarees on display at Sahara Darwaja.

2.Sahara Darwaja for the DESI Girls:

Surat is famous for textile. There are many textile MARKET at sahara darwaja. The Textile Market south of Sahara Gate offers a huge variety of sarees, salwar kameez, dress material and embroidered fabrics. The textile MARKET at Surat displays embroidered saris and drapes that is the traditional dress of the Indian WOMEN.


Boutique at Ghod Dod Road

 3.Ghod Dod Road for Boutique Buffs : Ghod Dod Road is a major shopping hub offering plenty of jewelry stores, shopping centers and other retailers. Ghod Dod Road is one of the many posh roads of Surat. The road was remade in the 1980s, which turned the road into a major shopping hub of Surat. Ghod dod means horse racing in Gujarati, thus Ghod Dod Road can be translated into English as “Horse Racing Road”. The name originated in the 1900s. Many major malls, restaurants and shopping centers of Surat like Sarela Shopping Centre, Jolly Arcade, Rangila Park, Regent Mall, G3, Chocolate Mall are located on this road. The best ladies boutiques like RAMA’S Haute Couture, Tambour, Tamrind, Aquarians etc. are located here.The road is most well known for its high quality lifestyle.

Antiques displayed at Shanivari Market

Antiques displayed at Shanivari Market

 4.Shanivari Market For the Antique Aficionados: Rummage through colonial-styles lamps, art decors, Vintage teacups, Bangles and furniture and many more. The Shanivari or Saturday Market near Makai Pul is one of the largest flea markets in Gujarat, selling antiques, trinkets and old furniture. Ladies shops here for their specially for household stuff and antiques. A must visit for the people.

bombay market

Sarees displayed at Old Bombay Market.

5.Old Bombay Market for The Sari Admirers: is the sari capital of Surat, with shops selling silks, embroidered saris and pretty much anything else your heart desires. This market is famous for its garments. The entire complex is lined with stores selling the latest western fashions for men and women. The endless rows of sari shops in the Bombay Market in Surat, Gujarat. It’s hard to see the selection from the outside, but once you’ve chosen a place, you take off your shoes, go inside to their showroom and sit to see numerous fabrics you will fall in love with Surat!


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