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Why NIT Surat Stand’s out among Other NIT’S ?


A Top view of the the picturesque NIT Campus.

NIT Surat is the NIT located within one of the best and fastest growing areas of Gujarat. The campus is Bustling with life! Step out of the road and you’ll see the fun-loving Surat crowd everywhere; especially on weekends where families come out of their homes in the evening, sit on the huge footpaths, have dinner and relax.Ranking by education surveys such as India Today, Outlook, DNA, Webometrics, Competition Success Review put NIT Surat among the best engineering institutes of India. Admission to most undergraduate and postgraduate courses in NIT Surat is granted through written entrance examinations. Admission to M.Tech. and P.H.D courses is based primarily on a personal interview, though candidates have to take written tests as well. Page3Surat Brings You Our Take on What Makes NIT Surat Different From Other NIT’S?


Almost everything you’ll need is available within walking distance from the college gate. A few examples, which lie within 2-3 km of the campus are.

  • About 4 multiplexes.
  • Restaurants, including Dominos, Pizza Hut, Mc-Donalds. I could list probably 15-20 excellent restaurants of varying cuisines within a 1 km radius. That’s a long list, so I’ll skip that here.
  • Several juice and ice-cream centers.
  • Shops for stationery needs.
  • Medical and provision stores.
  • A few shopping Spots.

The Evergreen NIT campus!

 Environment: Out-rightly one of the most picturesque NIT campuses.

I walk this empty street,On the Boulevard of NIT Dreams,Where the city sleeps,And I’m the only one and I walk alone

This song strikes my mind when I think of NIT Surat campus filled with Lots of trees and the thick bushes along the roads. This makes for pleasant environment within the COLLEGE premises. You’d observe a clear contrast between the temperature within and outside the campus, especially during winters.

Internet /LAN:

NIT Surat is known for having one of the BEST INTERNET connections among all NIT’s. Great speed, unlimited data and no down-time(well, mostly). Streaming and downloading happen at an excellent pace.LAN speeds are fantastic. The maximum speed seen on laptop is about 70 MBps . On an average, you can get speeds close to 10-15 MBps.


The Newly Constructed NIT Hostels.


There were old hostels till about 2008-09, but new ones have been built since then. Modern, clean, well-maintained rooms and corridors, single-occupancy spacious rooms with NEW FURNITURE and functioning switchboards and separate balconies for each room(excluding some hostels).

If you have ever experienced Hostel life u will know that a good hostel and Fabulous friends can’t be traded for a plush villa too;-)


SVNIT has ten hostels with nine for boys and one dedicated to girls named after personalities of India. Each hostel is administrated by the Chief Hostel Warden. Each hostel elects representatives from the hostel residents for areas like Entertainment, Computer Facility, Network, Environment and Cultural. Two mega hostels for boys and one mega hostel for girls with large number of facilities have been constructed.Each hostel has its own mess, TV room, Sports room and computer facility.

Athletic facilities

Surat SVNIT Sparsh

A Poster of Sparsh, Famous NIT festival!

The SAC has indoor badminton courts, Table Tennis Tables and a gymnasium. Adjoining this building are two basketball courts, a cricket ground and football ground. Other facilities on campus include two volleyball courts. There is one good Handball ground too. There are also table-tennis tables and volleyball courts in the residential hostels. Two synthetic tennis courts are under construction. The girls hostel has a badminton court exclusively for girls.

 Alumni network & Festivals

The NIT Alumni Association is the organization in NIT which fosters the interaction between the institute and its alumni. The association consists of a group of NITians who maintain a rapport with their predecessors through networking, publications and alumni meets. The group is guided by the Dean, Alumni and Resource Generation and his office.

Page3Surat says, NIT Surat one of its kind and quite unique.



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