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10 Characteristics of Gujju Folks in Surat

Gujjus,as Gujratis are fondly called are people who are full of life who believe in living their lives to the fullest.
We have noticed that Gujratis living in different parts of Gujarat develop and adapt to characteristics typical to that region. We bring to you 10 Characteristics of Surat Folks which are oh-so-true and will make your stomach ache with laughter.


1. Any food, Anywhere, Any time!
First thing first, Gujjus are big time foodies and their world rotates around their tummies. They drool over  ‘Khamans’ and ‘Dhokhlas’ and ‘Fafdas’ but end up digging into any form of food that is lies in front of them. But, nothing beats the spicy liquid ‘Sev-Usal’ and or a breakfast ‘Bhakhri’ and Tea. The ‘Chai’ or Tea is the staple drink here.

Gujju Girls

Gujju Girls

2. An expert advice for almost anything!
Whatever be your agony, Gujjus have a solution to every problem. Right from what your son should do to score well in the board exams to what went wrong in the Ambani’s new business plan,they have a to-do list for almost everything in this world and a solution to every ailment. Once you start a discussion with one of us, you would either back out with moist eyes or be forced to agree with what we say.

3. That business is in the blood
No matter what you study, the only career option you have is to set up your own ‘Dhandho’ i.e. business. No doubt the current economic scenario witnesses Gujarati’s to be indulging into various jobs but, when you have your own business, you are your own boss and ‘Duniya gayi tel peevaa’ (To hell with the world.) ‘Dhandho’ is a very commonly used term here where people only do and mean business which is why Gujjus are considered to be business minded and truly have a very good sense of business. Bring it on anything and they have a solution to it!

14. That Gujjus ‘understand’ politics like nobody can!
Thanks to the tremendous rise of our current Prime Minister, our political skills and knowledge have increased two folds.
But still our Prime Minister is one person from Gujarat only. The sense of style and the way of speaking has brought a wave in the country. Thanks to Gujarat and thanks to all the  for making Politics more easier for us to understand.

5. That you are a Gujju in a Gujju party!
Ten minutes into a Gujarati party and you will find yourselves in splits. Even if you do not understand the language, there would be visual treats in front of you; a heavy man would entertain you with his over the top speech and amusing facial expressions and the others will provide a laughter riot with their weird form of laughters. And not to forget the food counters which have to been setted up, you will see a quite chaotic atmosphere there.

6. There always are short travels in short durations

Mara baba ni vacation che!’ (My son has holidays going on.) is the most term used by a Gujju, Be it any place in the world or at any time of the year, you will find Gujjus enjoying around or spending their vacations in full form! They just wait for the vacations to start and they are ready to jump out of their cities! Not to forget with bagful of yummy food like theplas, gathiyas and farsan.

Garbe jhoomva re!

Garbe jhoomva re!

7.  Garbe jhoomva re!
Garba! Ohh yes! Gujjus know the types of moves even MJ would not have dared to copy had he been alive today! Be it any dance style or any Dance party a few steps of Garba is as mandatory as Food at a party. A few Steps of the Garbaa and the stage is on fire. Do not forget to catch immense happiness on the faces of our Gujju Folks.

8. We speak Ginglish or Gindi:
Any language for that matter has a major part of Gujarat accent mixed to it. When it comes to Hindi, they mix up the with the typical ‘Bhavnagari’ accent to it making us easier to understand that the person is a proper Gujju. Nahi karna to Naa bol de’ is equivalent to ‘Nahi karvu to Naa paad de.’ (Say no if you don’t want to do it.)

9. That nobody connects to a ‘Tulsi’ like we do
The connection between the ladies and the Daily soaps are almost inseparable. They have their own way of enterainment. Okay so here’s a fact: No other state provides the daily-soaps with more TRPs than Gujarat. No matter where you are, 8:30 PM is a touchdown time because ‘Jethalal’ awaits you with his ‘Tarak Mehta ki Duniya.’

10. That no form of Good-bye is valid without an ‘Aavjo’ and a ‘JSK’:
Gujju good-byes, along with a shake of a hand ‘Bye’, always end with ‘Aavjo’ (See you later) and ‘Jai Shree Krishna’. This is the commonly used term by Gujjus while seeing off anyone. The jai shri Krishna is also used for greeting also. So next time you visit a Gujju house or a friend say Jai Shri Krishna while to visit and Jai Shri Krishna while you leave.

With all this information we would like to say Jai Shri Krishna to everyone out there. And Aavjo!!

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