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10 words that laid the foundation of Glinglish (Gujrati English)

Languages are dynamic and every language has a special zing about it. Gujarati is one of those entertaining languages where when words put together always add up to something funny and entertaining. The term “Glinglish” comes from a mixture of English and Gujarati which always invents a new word. Let us now see some words which change the English and turns into “Glingish”

1. “Waves as babes” : Back in college there was a Physics teacher who pronounced “waves” as “babes”.

“Babes go up and down”.
“A babe is traveling in this direction with such and such amplitude and wavelength etc. Write the babe equation”.
“The topic of babes is very important.”


2. Gujjus call all types of noodles as “meggi”: “oh! Bhai jara 2 meggi dena”!
“Aaj toh ghar jaake meggi khawano”!


meri “Meggi”

3. A Gujju uncle tells his mobile number is chaar so be ogan
Syt ekaavan-4025951


Mharo number cheee….


4. In typical Gujju accent, “rap” sort of sounds like “rape”.

One of my Gujarati friend once told me, “Yaar kal maine Eminem ka RAPE suna, kya jordar RAPE karta hai!!” (I heard Eminem’s rap yesterday, he is so good at it)


kitna accha “rape” kare chee..

5. Shahrukh Khan’s name is often mispronounced as Saru Khan.


Saru Khan? OMG!

6. Gujjus never go to “Office” Instead they go to “HOPiS.


Hopis javu che?


7. The “Alarm is referred to as “ALARAM”.


Alarm Nathi ALARAM Che..

8. The Towel =Tooval
Next time carry a “Tooval” while going for a bath.



9. Gujjus don’t have “Feelings” they only have “Fillings”.
My “Fillings” are true for you.


My “Fillings”

10. Park: “Parak”
Challo bachho “Paarak” ne jaao cho



All these words are the add upto the way Glinglish is getting “papulaar” day by day but its quite entertaing and funny to listen and use such words in our day to day lifes. So be it anytime anyday of the year or day, Use these words once or twice a day and have a daily dose of your Humour and laughter.

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