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Close call for 170 Delhi bound SpiceJet passengers at Surat Airport

The Surat airport is in news again and this time for escaping from what could have otherwise been a major catastrophe. About 170 passengers on a Delhi-bound SpiceJet flight had a miraculous escape at the Surat airport when the aircraft hit a buffalo that had strayed into the runway.


SpiceJet (picture used for representtional purpoe only)

The plane hit the animal a few hundred metres into take-off at around 7.25pm on Thursday. The pilots using their presence of mind stopped the aircraft and took it to the parking area to check the damage. The 170 Delhi bound SpiceJet passengers at Surat Airport by God’s grace were saved from an unfortunate incident. The impact was powerful and the Boeing aircraft sustained considerable damage. Fortunately there wasn’t any breakdown of engine or any major technical damage. There was confusion among the airport authorities earlier as to which animal had hit the aircraft. But sources at the airport confirmed it was a buffalo.

“The passengers had a miraculous escape,” airport director Dr SD Sharma with the media.  The aircraft hit a stray animal during take-off. The aircraft will have to undergo a thorough investigation to check the damage. We have ordered a probe into the incident.”

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Aditya Chirania
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Kuch anpad n illetrate logo ki wajah se surat airport ka naam kharaab hua hai.... Yeh cows n buffaloes \U0001f403 ke tabele wale b Ajib hai.... Aise he apne bhaeso ko chod dete hai khulle aam...