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Computerized Vehicle Testing in Surat

Surat City also well known for being one of the cleanest cities in Gujarat is always buzzing with activities. Another change that is in the pipeline to make the city better is that of a computerized vehicle fitness test. All commercial vehicles, including those owned by the state government, will have to undergo a computerized fitness test at Olpad in Surat. The law for computerized vehicle testing will be put into practise in   February next year. Earlier too the vehicle’s fitness test was carried out manually by an inspector at the transport office.

Vehicular fitness tests would soon be a cake walk

Vehicular fitness tests would soon be a cake walk

D H Shah, officer on special duty at the transport department, shared that in Ahmedabad alone around 70 to 80 vehicles are checked manually every day. This will be the first such automated testing system for vehicles in the state. This system is being set up by the Automated Research Association of India.

Based on the experience of this computerized system, the state will then go ahead with similar facilities of computerized vehicle testing for other major cities of Gujarat like Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhuj and Bavla (for Ahmedabad).

Satyamev Jayayte in its recent season too spoke about the importance of vehicle fitness and how the safety should always be our primary concern.

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