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Home delivery of Vegetables in Surat !


Fresh Veggies Displayed at Pran Organic Mart.

Shopping has a new destination -from jewelries to books, today everything is just a Click/Call away. Even our everyday groceries have joined the bandwagon as urban middle class Indians explore their newly found approach to consumerism. No Longer will you have to painfully steer your way  through the screeching voices of the vendors in the ever crowded Sabji Mandi Of surat!! Now, getting farm fresh organic vegetables at your doorstep is just a phone call away!! Thanks to Three Youngsters we will now have Home delivery of Vegetables in Surat!

Three youngsters in their 20’s have started free home delivery of the farm fresh organic vegetables and fruits in the diamond city.The trio—Priya Mangrolia, Parth Mangrolia and Keyur Patel who together pursued Masters in Biotechnology from Vallabh Vidhyanagar, had started with a small grocery shop in the city’s Parle Point area some one-and-a-half-year ago called Pran Organic Mart. Pran Organic Mart has a wide range of Organic products including their Own line of Beauty products. Two months ago, they decided to venture into the organic vegetable and fruit supply business.

The organic vegetables are sourced from a farm based out of Ahmedabad and the normal vegetables and fruits are sourced from the wholesaler dealers in APMC market in the city. The idea behind this concept is to allow the diamond city residents consume organic vegetables and fruits at the price less than what the retail vendors have been charging.In the last 15 days of starting the new venture, the trio have been delivering organic vegetables and fruits in the areas like Adajan, Ghod Dod Road, Parle Point, Varacha, Sumul Dairy Road, Mota Varachha etc. They have a team of more than a dozen delivery boys who make sure that the orders reach the households in time.

Cosmetic range at Pran Organic Mart

Cosmetic range at Pran Organic Mart

They also believe that Consumers have been paying high prices for all the vegetables and fruits in the retail markets. And they give customers a huge benefit on the per kilogram prices and free home delivery. In the last fortnight of starting the business, and are catering more than 40 households every day.

“Residents in Surat have no access to organic vegetables and fruits. However, we thought of starting free home delivery. Since we procure vegetables and fruits directly from the farms and wholesalers, the consumers get it at discounted rates” says Priya Mangrolia, a partner at Pran Farm Fresh Delivery.

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