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Keep calm and say Jo Baka!

Don't go on saying hmmm hmmm like the buffalo

Don’t go on saying hmmm hmmm like the buffalo

The ‘Jo Baka,’trolls have taken the entire state of Gujarat by storm, It will not be an overstatement to say that it is Gujarat’s own local version of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. Be it any portal on social media o a forward on whatsapp, these trolls will tickle your funny bone. To understaAn endearment that translates roughly to ‘see my friend,’ the ubiquitous Bako, the everyman of Gujarat, is seen dishing out philosophy or commenting on the mood of the season.

Very few know the creative minds team behind what is perhaps the first ever Gujarati meme.  Te team also includes the female version of Bako (Baka) which is called Bakudi. The Bakudi emoticon is very cute with an emoticon with a bow on her head and lady-like A team of software engineers and entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Mumbai created it for fun but today their website, facebook page and app for creating the ‘Jo Baka‘ meme has crossed 3.5 lakh users almost. Ever since the launch of the app a number of unique memes created by users.

An advice to 'stay calm'

An advice to ‘stay calm’

The group of friends who created this app then circulated it among their friends and in 24 hours received more than 5,000 likes. Such a rousing response set the ball rolling and the team quickly created a website allowing users to create their own ‘Jo Baka’ punch lines and within four days in early September, the Bako was everywhere on the net.

The team members include Vishal Sancheti, Kaushal Gajjar, Harsh Kansagra, Hemratna Bhimani and Mit Thaker. Kaushal said in one of his interviews that the major centres that have caught the Baka bug are Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Delhi. Such has been the effect of this meme that it has reached US and UK too.

Interestingly, the meme has been used by the Ahmedabad City Traffic Police to spread the awareness. Some posters pinned to the electricity boards carried messages like “Jo Baka, Rasta par Pesaab Nahi Karvani” (Look friend, do not piss on the road.) and “Nasto karine kagad aahiya tiya nai fekvanu (Look friend, after you have enjoyed your snacks, do not litter on the road)” Such messages help create awareness and instil civic sense among the citizens. They in a subtle way remind us of our duties as a citizen of not only our city but the country as a whole.

A oll that says women will shop till they drop. Period.

A oll that says women will shop till they drop. Period.

Nothing sells like humour and Gujarat is well-known for its sporty nature and having the rare ability to laugh at itself (The number of movies and soaps that have a Gujarati background or that one Gujju element or character that pokes fun at the entire clan). The Jo Baka series is an ode to the Gujarati culture as one the team members rightly points out. So folks… we mean Jo Baka, Taklif to Rehvaanij. (Look Friend, Problems are going to be there. Don’t Worry)


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