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Simple tips while draping a Sari

Sari, the traditional Indian attire when draped correctly can make any woman look elegant, beautiful and sexy. But like any other attire, some women do the common faux pas while draping the 5/6/7/9-yard. 1 mistake and the whole effort and look go for a toss.

So with little effort and help, anyone can carry the elegant look. Who won’t want to look gorgeous in a perfectly draped sari ?
Some of important points to be kept in mind while draping a sari:

1. Length of the sari: While draping a sari, women tend pleat up a saree first  and then step into their footwear. It’s the biggest mistake they commit. So it’s necessary, if you are wearing heels or stilettos, start draping the sari while wearing the footwear, so that you get the perfect length.

2. Draping a sari tight around the waist: Women generally tie sari too loose, especially around hip area. It causes a major problem as sari tends to slip and there are chances that sari may open up, causing embarrassment to you and others too. Also by tying it loose, causes to lose it’s shape and doesn’t look well draped.

3. Correct pleating: Even pleating is very important as it makes or breaks the look. Uneven pleating spoils the entire look. So it’s necessary to have proper and even pleats.

4. Proper tuck in: Proper tucking in the pleats is also important or else they might slip and open up. So it’s necessary that sari is properly tucked, so that it’s secure and doesn’t look like it’s stuffed inside.

5. Pin it: Draping a sari is only half the battle won, pining it is a different ballgame altogether. It’s very necessary to secure a sari with proper and appropriate use of safety pins, as they help to hold the sari in proper place. But it’s also necessary that the pins are also hidden and they don’t peep out from all over places.

Pins Peeping out, too tacky

Pins Peeping out, too tacky

6. Proper length of pallu: The length of the pallu is also an important feature, as it’s length can help you carry the look and help in managing it easy. Having a short pallu, which doesn’t stay in your hand or having a long pallu which sweeps the floor is strict no-no. Keep the length of pallu appropriate and manageable.

7. Correct fitting blouse: Along with proper draping of the sari, it’s also necessary to wear a proper fitting blouse. It’s not a t-shirt which can be loose fitting; it’s a blouse, which has to be neither too loose nor too tight. It has to be perfectly fitting. It could be a backless or any other kind of blouse but it needs to be of your correct size, as we don’t want people to give a look of a overstuffed chicken with filling spilling out from everywhere.

8. Proper petticoat : When you can spend a bomb on sari and accessories and getting the proper blouse stitched, you better invest some money in buying petticoat of same colour as the sari (if sari is of transparent material). It’s better if you buy one which is to be tied rather than button or zip petticoat as it stays in place for longer period.

9. Undergarments: it’s also necessary to invest some money in buying proper undergarments as they are the base and main support system of any dress or attire. Plus you don’t want people to know what colour undergarment you are wearing…

Some of the common mistakes which women do:

  •  Wearing uncomfortable footwear. Just don’t go with the trend. Wear what is comfortable for u. But don’t wear sports shoe or slippers or casual platform heels or wedges as it’s comfortable for you.


Proper Footwear necessary to carry the look

Proper Footwear necessary to carry the look

  •  Don’t put on heavy jewellery on a heavy sari to look like a heavily decked Christmas tree. Go easy on jewellery if you are wearing a heavy work sari and vice versa. Too much bling can cause people looking at you, difficult to open their eyes.
Too much bling

Too much bling

  •  Don’t accessorise too much. Don’t put on all the accessories you have on you. Like some women wear wrist watch and bangles together. If you wear watch on one hand, don’t clog your hand with the bangles. Let the watch show, don’t hide it in bangles.
  •  Don’t empty the whole makeup kit. Keep it simple and simple. Don’t go with heavily made-up look. Try to keep it minimal.
  •  Wear a sari which you are comfortable in. Just because it’s trendy or you don’t want to look left out, don’t wear it. Wear it only if you feel like it’s your 2nd skin.
  •  Don’t let bra strap or pins peep out from here and there. It looks gross and very careless.
  • Carrying a handbag of size of rucksack is big no. You already have hands full with the pallu, why burden yourself with handbag of that size. Carry a small, delicate clutch or hand purse.
  •  Don’t try to wear each accessory of same matching colour. Similarly too much contrast also spoils the look.
  •  Don’t wear the sari too high or too low. Either way it spoils the whole look.


Too low sari, strict NO

Too low sari, a strict NO

With little bit of effort and care, any woman can look gorgeous in a sari. Draping a sari is an art and looking elegant is not a herculean task. Little tips and tricks can do the wonders. If you can’t drape it yourself, get some professional help. So don’t let anything stop you from looking gorgeous in a sari this festive season. Go on flaunt it.

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Nice post fine tips for draping a saree. Following these tips one may feel comfort in saree