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Surat firm developed ceramic parts for India’s Mars Mission

The Launch of India's Mars Orbit Mission

The Launch of India’s Mars Orbit Mission

When the success of India’s mars mission was declared, the entire nation Came together to celebrate the occasion in all its grandeur. The Kind of celebration we have after India beats Pakistan in a Cricket match or After India wins a world cup;-).Not Only is India the First country to reach the Mars Orbit in its maiden attempt but also we did so in the lowest cost ever. At Rs 450 Crore for 780 Million km, the mission cost about Rs 5.77 per km. That is cheaper than what many auto-rickshaws charge in the country:-)

I am Sure a lot us of weren’t aware that our very Surat to had a role in the grand journey of India’s Mars Mission. A Surat-based engineering company, Himson Industrial Ceramics, which supplied Mangalyaan’s fire-proof ceramic components to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), joined the festivities of the mission. Nimesh Bachkaniwala’s (the Firms M.D) Himson Industrial Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. was established about 30 years ago under technical collaboration with Unilateral Ceramics, London, U.K. The Company has successfully developed high Alumina and Titania Ceramic Thread Guides to meet requirements of high speed Yarn Processing Machinery. The Company is located in Industrial Area of Surat city on a plot measuring 5000 sq.mts and is housed in about 30,000 sq. ft of built up area.

The components that Himpson Supplied to ISRO protects the internal machinery from getting damaged due to high temperature. The ceramic components are fireproof and are used in the rockets to protect the damage to internal machinery. It took around three-and-a-half months to manufacture about 6,000 ceramic components used in the Mangalyaan. Himpson association with ISRO dates back to the 1995 ,when it supplied its first consignment of ceramic detonators to ISRO which the scientists called “squibs”.

Surat Celebrates the Success of India's Mars Orbit Mission

Surat Celebrates the Success of India’s Mars Orbit Mission

After the success of the Mangalyaan, ISRO scientists also called Bachkaniwala to congratulate him and his firm for being a part of the  mission. Bachkaniwala quoted “The ISRO gave an order to make 6,000-10,000 components. They sent us detailed engineering drawing of components to us and it took over three months to make them. After the ceramic components are ready the ISRO scientists visit us for verification, followed by third-party inspection, before it is delivered at ISRO. Till now, not a single component has been rejected by ISRO as our well-trained technocrats are involved in it.”

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